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Welcome to Woollen Wave

It's all about designing in yarn. I love experimenting with colour, pattern, texture and 3-dimensional construction to create unique knitted pieces and patterns.

I design hand knitting and machine knitting patterns and I design and make knitted pieces for sale.

Woollen Wave logo
hawser hat in Lalland yarn in shade Linnet
leaf mosaic swatches hinchliffe serwent
fishbone hat & gloves sea green & deep a
hawser fade cowls in four colourways
strung leaves double loop cowl
hawser hat sea dusk worn B&W.png
barnacle mitts oile on blockers on patio


I design and make my own knits, using a small, hand-powered domestic knitting machine. I add detail to my knits by using hand manipulation techniques and adding hand knit and crochet finishes. My pieces are carefully tailored for a neat fit.

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