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evening firth of forth skerries and may.

About Woollen Wave....

I live and knit by the sea in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland. 

I love designing in knitting, especially the way you can build up complex patterns and shapes from the simple building blocks of knit and purl stitches. I really like experimenting with pattern and three-dimensional construction to create knitted pieces full of colour, texture and detail.

I hand knit and also knit using a small, hand-powered domestic knitting machine. I like to create lots of detail in my machine knit designs by using hand manipulation techniques alongside hand knit and crochet finishing. Find out more about how I design and make my knits here.

I'm working to make my knits as sustainable and ethical as possible- click here for more information. I'm trying to use more locally grown and spun wool- click here to find out about the yarns I use.

When not knitting, I'm usually to be found wandering along the local coastline with my dog, rummaging in rockpools, bird surveying, sea kayaking or kitchen gardening - themes which often creep into my knit designs.

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