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Tassels, tassels, tassels!

I've just finished this big British wool lace wrap in time for this weekend's market at Bowhouse, St Monans, Fife. I think it might turn out to be 'one of a kind' as making and sewing on the 32 tassel took a very long time- great for making for friends and family but not so viable for a piece made for sale. I struggled to capture the lovely deep violet colour of the wrap and tassels in the photographs and had to resort to wiggling the colour settings to get anything like an accurate representation. I knitted the wrap in Z. Hinchliffe's British wool (in 'Thistle' but, actually, a much nicer, more violety colour than any British thistle species' flowers). I made the tassels in Fyberspates hand-dyed Gleem in 'Blueberry Imps'- luxuriously soft and silky in deep violet with subtle lilac variegation.


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