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💙 Denim blue love 💙

Denim is my favourite (nearly) neutral colour, as you can tell from my knitted pieces in these photos. It makes a great background for bright hues, pastel tints and even muted tones to shine out from.

I also love charcoal greys and donkey browns (maybe because anything referencing donkeys is lovely) as a neutral backdrop to bounce colours off. I’m less in my colour comfort zone using fawns and light greys as neutrals, even though better knitters do it to great effect. I work part-time in the Woolly Brew yarn shop in Pittenweem and I really love seeing the colour combinations that customers put together for their knitting and crochet projects, so completely different from and much better than those I would choose.

I had to put an extra image on here- Nutmeg is a very curious dog and, after having to crop her paws out of every previous photo, I gave in and went with the photobomb.

The denim yarns here are Fyberspates Vivacious 4-ply in Denim and Di Gilpin’s Lalland in Blue Enigma. The other colours are shades of Fyberspates Vivacious 4-ply and Gleem and Colliston Yarns merino singles.

Border terrier dog looking at colourful knitwear


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