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Matchy matchy

Too much matchy matchy? This shawl/slipover/mitts set started by accident when I wound the wrong skein of yarn for a customer- it was My Mama Knit’s Don’t Talk back in the custom shade ‘Love Your Wallpaper’, dyed to match the Woolly Brew yarn shop’s wallpaper. Anyway, to snatch knitwear from the jaws of defeat, and inspired by The Woolly Brew’s lovely version of the Desert Ripple wrap, I decided to buy the skein and make my own shawl, striped in Wallpaper and undyed Chester Wool Co Tibetan 4 ply, both with a warm grey tone from their yak fibre content. So, I knit the shawl (biased stripes, with new shell lace edging) and still had two thirds of the Wallpaper left. The Wallpaper colourway is well outside my wardrobe’s colour comfort zone (narrowly confined to the blue-green sector of the colour wheel), so I decided to make a little slipover to wear the shawl with. A bit of knitting, a lot of edge crocheting and 28 little pearly buttons later, I had a slipover and still had 19g of Wallpaper left… so, last up, a little pair of stripy mitts and just a few grams of wallpaper left over. I can’t really claim to have successfully played yarn chicken as I just kept making things until I ran out of yarn- probably a blessing I ran out after the mitts or who knows what I might have added next? … but maybe there’s just enough for a bracelet, shawl pin corsage or a lanyard for my glasses… hmm, where are my needles, then?

In total, I used about 94g of Wallpaper and 197g of Tibetan 4-ply, (wasting a few grams of the latter ripping out my original i-cord slipover edgings before replacing them with a scalloped crochet edging for extra structure). All three pieces of knitwear were improvised. I did swatch for the shawl but just went for it with the mitts and slipover (fun when they work out. less so when they don't).

If you come into the Woolly Brew yarn shop in Pittenweem and can’t find anyone to help you, it may just be one of my work days and my knitwear and I have just blended imperceptibly into the wallpaper.


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