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New Year's Scrappy Cardigan

I've just sewn the buttons on a quick, scrappy cardigan for me, which I cast on at New Year. I've taken scraps and stash of beautiful, luxurious yarns (holding Fyberspates Tarma Aran & Fyberspates Cumulus lace together) to make something that looks suitable for a folk festival toddler to roll around in the mud in... but it feels wonderfully soft (that's the baby Suri alpaca halo on the Cumulus) and very warm, perfect for this time of heating bill price hikes. Plus, my lion-hearted terrier was frightened of the crackly bag I was storing the yarn in, so it had to go.

I used Ann Budd's Basic Top Down Raglan Adult from The Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters, a really useful book of vanilla jumper recipes in a range of sizes and yarn weights. My only, tiny modification was using Suzanne Bryan's method for closing up underarm holes more neatly. I didn't want the bottom rib to pull in and cling, so I made twisted rib (purling through the back loop) on the same size needles as the main fabric, which makes the bottom rib the same width as the rest of the cardigan. My tension didn't quite match any in the recipe, so I used the pattern for a slightly looser tension and made the pattern with a chest size about 5cm/2" larger than required. Worked well, although a little tight on my Popeye-ish forearms.


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