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Silky Bubbles

My daughter gave me a lovely surprise birthday present of a couple of balls of Scottish Lalland lambswool from Di Gilpin. It’s been burning a hole in my knitting basket as I’ve mulled over and swatched a few ideas. I’ve finally knitted it up into a little winter shawl for me. I’m not usually drawn to mixing very contrasting fibres but I really like the combination of the very soft, matt lalland dk lambswool with Fyberspates Gleem silk/Bluefaced Leicester laceweight. I knit a bubble tuck pattern and hope that the little pockets of air in the bubble texture help to make this scarf extra warm for chilly winter days working in the Woolly Brew yarn shop. I’m very intolerant of clothes that need attention- any clothes that get in the way or fall off quickly get thrown off into the corner and trodden on. So far, I’ve worn this cowl by securing it into a loop with a couple of little french bulb safety pins but I think I might add a couple of buttons and loops for a less Frankenstein long-term solution. This shawl seems to be all about the things I usually avoid, amongst these tassels. The Peacock Gleem yarn has made vibrant silky tassels, variegated from violet to turquoise. I’m going to use this shawl to field test whether these tassels stay looking good enough to add to my knitwear for sale and, well, the tips of this shawl just demanded them.


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