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Why did the owl howl?

Why did the owl howl?

Because the woodpecker would peck her. A favourite oldie, sorry.

I've put together a kit for knitting my Tiny Barn Owl Decoration. All materials are included, just add 3.25mm double pointed needles, wool/embroidery needle and your time.

I've tried to make the kit as environmentally friendly as I could. Apart from a reusable stitch marker and bulldog clip (more on that later), all the materials and packaging are made from natural materials and are recyclable and/or biodegradable.

You work the owl in the round in stranded colourwork and then knit the little wings on. You wet felt the owl into a neat miniature of itself before embroidering the eyes, beak and feet. I give instructions for wet felting and a fool proof method for embroidering neat round eyes.

I've used the very lovely Jamieson's 100% Shetland wool Sprindrift yarn in the kit, in the heathered old gold shade 'Scotch Broom' for the back and 'Natural White' for the face and breast.

The unlikely inclusion of a bulldog clip in the kit is for holding the owl's tail in a nice flattened shape while drying. Maybe everyone has a big bulldog clip hanging around the house but I really didn't want to put together a frustrating kit with 'batteries not included'.

The owl comes out about 8cm tall. I have knitted a little flock of owls that hang various places around the house (including the Christmas tree in season), and I hang one in a glass dome filled with twinkly lights that sits on my work table and cheers grey days.


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