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Knit cave tour

I'm opening up my knit cave for East Neuk Open Studios over last weekend and the weekend coming up (2/3rd July 2022), so here it is, in a wobbly little video, set up as a popup studio shop. I am very lucky to have lots of natural light to work in, fantastic for both hand and machine knitting and, particularly, for finishing (all the joining and sewing in of ends you do after you've finished knitting the main fabric). Thinking of finishing, the tall grey cylinder on legs in the video is a linker, used for joining knitted pieces, though not by me because I found that I love the magical invisible join of mattress stitch more than I love efficiency. It does make a handy (if expensive) place for piling swatches and prototype designs, while wondering about their use and between test wears. At the end of the video you can see my domestic hand-powered knitting machine, where I do a lot of knitting. I think its many dials, buttons, cams and levers give it a certain steampunk chic- its design hasn't changed very much in fifty years. There is a dog-eared copy of my favourite knitting book, Margaret Radcliffe's 'The Knowledgeable Knitter' on my work stool- I pulled it out of my knitting basket where it usually lives, ready for action, because an Open Studios visitor and I were talking about neat finishing; this book is all about doing what you do better and is excellent on improving finishing techniques.


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